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Jun. 15th, 2011


Project 365 - Week 8 (17/5 - 23/5)

I will catch up on these one day. Full album here.

I'm honestly running out of things to say hereCollapse )

Jun. 13th, 2011

Cowgirl Ed!

Project 365 - Week 7 (10/5 - 16/5)

Full album here.

Soul stealing is so much fun.Collapse )

Jun. 5th, 2011


Project 365 - Week 6 (3/5 - 9/5)

Heh, so I'm only a month behind on posting these. Still going to do one week at a time for my sanity. Full album here.

Week 6 pictures go here!Collapse )

Not gonna spam you guys with these too hard, but I do want to get them posted, so I'll try to space my catch-up throughout the week. :)

May. 17th, 2011

Devil Girl

Ding 85!

Not my prettiest ding shot, but still happy for me.

For those that might not be aware, Adrayn (formerly Sairen) was one of my first characters that I really latched on to in Vanilla Wow (hunterSyth and Kaidra being the others.) And it was driving me a little bonkers that she was more or less abandoned in WotLK because Ahri wanted to play his warrior more. Sairen had storyline and history with Ahri, so I really wanted to keep them together at the time. I guess she had history with Elsena, too, but if he was levelling a tank it made sense for me to keep my healer with him.

Of course, things being what they are now... Well, let's just say, I'm more and more glad that I transferred her over. And I look forward to stretching my tanking legs on more runs for guildies and eventually pugs as I build my confidence.

Click for large.
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May. 13th, 2011

Devil Girl

(no subject)

OMG so I HAVE to share. Was totally moping about this being such a lonely boring Friday night... Then NPCScan goes off. And OMG it's Aeonaxx! 85 Elite.. I'm naturally on the 83 pally. No worries, I bet I can take him.

And ... well...

(click for big)

Pallly v Dragon

The loot!

I love my pally. Transferring her was the best thing ever.
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May. 12th, 2011

Devil Girl

Project 365 - Week 5 (26/4 - 2/5)

Full album here.

Photographic adventures, a week at a timeCollapse )

May. 5th, 2011

Cowgirl Ed!

Project 365 - Week 4 (19/4 - 25/4)

As always, full album located here.

Cut for size and quantityCollapse )

What I like about doing this isn't so much the challenge of taking a picture every day. It's the challenge of seeing something cool enough to take a picture of every day. I think this, too, has done wonders for my mood.

Apr. 26th, 2011

WoW - Sairen

WoW Post

I am quite pleased with this. Even if she needs new icons since the name change (horde character apparently has it saved on Bronzebeard).

Click for big.
Sairen/Adrayn 80 Ding!

Just seems appropriate to me that she would ding surrounded by a pile of undead.
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Apr. 24th, 2011


Project 365 - Week 3 (12/4 - 18/4)

Full album located here.

Cut for size and quantityCollapse )

Apr. 15th, 2011


Project 365 - Week 2 (5/4- 11/4)

Full album here.

Cut for size and quantity!Collapse )

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